With Media Walls you have 3 choices.

1. Choose 13oz Banner Material ( GOOD ) for 1 -3 day events where the quality is not super important. Banner will not fold or be re-usable if you store any other way then rolled. Banner offers a cost effective way to get the job done.

2. Choose Rigid 1/2" Gator Board (BETTER) either Black or White , whichever fits your artwork best. If you do not have to ship this product it makes for a great Backdrop. We use a direct to print process which leaves a luster look to your media wall. You will need a way to either stand them or hang them. We offer different stands and easel options
depending on your needs.

3. Choose Fire Safe Fabric if you want the (BEST) of all worlds. Not only Can you hang it from almost anything it will Roll Up , Fold Up , ship easily , and is super re-usable. Put it in a suitcase and when you take it out , Steam it , Iron it or just shake it and stretch it out. You will have a beautiful backdrop for a long time.

Media Walls come in many sizes. They should be custom to your event and needs.
We show an 8ft x 8ft media wall as this is the smallest typically ordered.
If you would like a larger size no problem. Contact our offices and let us customize for your event.

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